Course Outline

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    1. R&R Referral Generation Intro

    2. R&R Referral Generation Process PDF

    1. Preparation Overview M1V1

    2. Preparation M1V2

    3. Subjective Business Impact Review M1V3

    4. Work Performed Review M1V4

    5. Customer Experience Survey M1V5

    6. Relationship Value Questionairre M1V6

    7. The Stoplight Method M1V7

    8. Prepared Case Studies M1V8

    9. Create A List of Desirable Referrals M1V9

    10. Thank You Cards and Gifts M1V10

    11. RECAP: Module 1: Preparation M1V11

    1. Introduction: The Feedback Conversation M2V12

    2. Feedback Conversation Process Flow Chart - Referral or Retention? M2V13

    3. How to Request and Schedule The Feedback Conversation M2V14

    4. Conducting the Subjective Business Impact Review M2V15

    5. Reviewing the Customer Experience Survey M2V16

    6. Presenting the Prepared Case Study For Approval M2V17

    7. Recap and Key Takeaways: The Feedback Conversation M2V18

    1. Introduction: Retention Efforts M3V19

    2. Pivoting from Referral Collection to Retention Efforts M3V20

    3. Retention Efforts: The Client Experience M3V21

    4. Retention Efforts: Collaborating with Your Team M3V22

    5. Retention Efforts: Releasing Unhappy Clients M3V23

    6. Retention Efforts: Recap and Key Takeaways M3V24

    1. Asking For Referrals: Introduction M4V25

    2. Asking For Referrals: Creating Your Referral Request Script M4V26

    3. Asking For Referrals: Sample Script Roleplay M4V27a

    4. Asking For Referrals: A Breakdown of The Script M4V27b

    5. Asking For Referrals: Using Silence Appropriately M4V28

    6. Asking For Referrals: When Clients Decline to Refer M4V29

    7. Asking For Referrals: Reciprocity And Your Network M4V30

    8. Asking For Referrals: Showing Gratitude M4V31

    9. Asking For Referrals: Recap and Key Takeaways M4V32

    1. Managing The Process: Module Five Introduction M5V33

    2. Managing the Process: What Does Managing The Process Look Like? M5V34

    3. Managing The Process: Key Performance Indicators and Calculating Results M5V35

    4. Managing The Process: Choosing a Management Cadence M5V35a

    5. Managing the Process: Recap and Key Takeaways M5V36

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Use this highly effective sales strategy to grow your business without cold outreach or agency engagements.